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    ok, I launched my site about 3 weeks ago and the plan is to update evey month. I see little point in updating just before christmas and think it better to update next year. I have chosen the middle of each month for the updates, followed immediately by a newsletter .. Sound good ?

    Anyway I though it would be best to send a kind of mini newsletter out to inform my newsletter memebers when to expect updates and what to expect next year.

    I would like for this to go out tommorow so I would like your opinions no it .. I have run it through I spell check and will proof check it tommorow if it sounds ok.
    heres goes..


    Dear Members,

    First of all let me start by thanking you for subscribing to the Wanna Be Big Newsletter.

    Although this is not a full length newsletter, as Wanna Be Big has only been up for close to 3 weeks now I felt I should make you aware of what is going on behind the scenes at before Christmas.

    Newsletter Features

    --- Updates

    --- Wanna Be Big Community
    Forum suggestions

    --- What to expect in 2001

    Wanna Be Big 2001 Updates

    So when is the first update ? Well after careful consideration we have decided the first update to will take place by the 15th of January. Then each month afterwards you can expect the site to be updated at the middle of the month. Each monthly update will immediately be followed with a newsletter, outlining the updates as well as containing bodybuilding and wannabebig news and tips.

    Wanna Be Big Community

    Next year a lot of time is going to be invested into building a Wanna Be Big bodybuilding community.

    -- Chat
    Last week a chat room was added, so visitors to the site have a place to chat and discuss both off topic subjects and bodybuilding approaches. So why not pop in and give it a try ?

    -- Forums
    On January the 15th, you will see the launch of the Wanna Be Big forums. This will enable bodybuilders of all levels to come together, ask questions, and share their approaches to bodybuilding. There will also be several advisors/moderators in the particular forums who will share their wealth of knowledge with everyone.
    -- Forum suggestions
    We assure you, we will be working very hard to bring you the best bodybuilding forum on the net.
    However, as always we welcome suggestions from our readers. If you have any suggestions on forum topics you would like to see, or have a suggestion on something more general then we would be happy to hear from you.
    You can either email or fill in our contact form at Either way we would appreciate feedback and will respond to all suggestions personally.

    What to expect in 2001 ?

    As we move into the year 2001, you can expect Wanna Be to continue to grow and bring you regularly updated, unique content that you can directly apply to your bodybuilding lifestyle. You will see a wider degree of article authors, many new features added to the site and a continual development of Wanna Be as it progresses.

    Again we thank you for taking an interest in Wanna Be and wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year. May you reach all your goals in 2001

    See you in 2001

    Daniel Clough

    Wanna Be Big Editor
    Wannabebig Bodybuilding
    Wannabebig Bodybuilding Forums - Wanna be bigger and stronger?
    At Large Nutrition - nutritional supplements

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    looks good to me, a little too lengthy for me though, but i don't like reading, hehe.

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    If I were you, I would just send a holiday greetings newsletter with a tip or two and not mention anything about updates next year. Here's a short excerpt from page 160 of my Web Marketing Applied book:

    "Surprise your visitors on a regular basis. Don't always tell them what is around the corner... Don't announce features for your competitors to get hold of, and don't make elaborate promises that build expectations well beyond what you can deliver. Instead, surprise your visitors often and always keep your competitors guessing as to what you'll deliver next.

    Another major sin of Web marketing is to announce your Website before it is fully functional. It is very frustrating for a visitor to go to a newly formed Website where ten of the twelve pages all say "Coming Soon." Avoid this like the plague. If you don't have it done, the don't put up a page for it. Frustrated visitors rarely return to a Website."

    Of course the excerpt fits best when read in the context of the whole chapter (Defensive Marketing Strategies), but it makes the point.

    So my recommendation is to provide some content to your visitors in a special Holiday Edition newsletter, without mentioning specific features that you hope to open the following year. Give them a few great tips and a big holiday greeting and they'll find it more pleasing than a list of features that don't yet exist on your site.

    Good luck and Happy Holidays to you,

    Joe Tracy, Editor
    Webmaster Techniques Magazine (free publication for Webmasters)

    author, Web Marketing Applied


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