I am having problems with the below javascript function that is supposed to be posting the changing values of the variables “name”, “password”, and “email” to an Access database from a form redirect. Problem is, the values are not posting properly. They reach the database, but create empty fields. I get no error messages and am at a loss. Any suggestions on what is wrong with the below code?

Function createUser(name,pass,email)
Set DBConn9 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
DBConn9.Open getDbCon()
Set oRS9 = DBConn9.Execute("INSERT INTO users (name, pass, email) VALUES ('" & name & "','" & pass & "','" & email & "');")
if DBConn9.errors.count> 0 then
for counter = 0 to DBConn9.errors.count
response.write "Database Error #" & DBConn9.errors(counter).number & " -> " & DBConn9.errors(counter).description & "<br>"
end if
set DBConn9 = nothing
End Function