I'm kind of new to MYSQL/PHP but I love it!

I'm making my site database driven. I have a table that has a design like the fallowing:

ID | body | author | title | email | about

I am trying to implyment it so users can add comments and I was thinking of designing that table like this:

email | name | comment | id | vis

and with content might look like this:

email | name | comment | id | vis
BoB@ Bob cool 1 Y
joe@ Joe sucks 2 Y
sue@ Sue neat 1 N

ID in the second table would be the ID of the article the comment is for. Vis would be defaultly set to N for not visible and Y when I aprove it. Then I could call all the comments for a pacific article by using where id=2 and all the coments would be in one table. Do you think that would be a viable way of doing it?

Also, does a table always have to have and auto_incrementing column?

Justin Sampson