hey all, I am not very familiar with Javascript at all so I began searching for a free script that would do what I need for a website I am working on. I have found cool menu systems that work great but they use text and background changes as rollovers. I need a dynamic menu that used graphics. I will try to explain.

The main menu of the site has 6 main menu items that will run horizontal across the top of the page (remember these have to be graphics) and then each button will have a standard rollover effect and then along with that I need additional or sub-menu items to come up underneathe this main menu (also running horizontal). You can see the effect I am going for by checking out www.macromedia.com

The design department is insisting on an obscure font which is why I need to use graphics instead of text. I know it is a bad idea, but they are not budging.

If anyone knows where I can get such a script please advise, thanks!