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    Does any one know the least expensive way to accept cc on your site with a shopping cart? I have been researching this for a hope-to-be client. Although there are tons of hosting sites with ssl/cart/ must first pay lots of $$$ to an authorization co. to use the cc.
    She has a business already and accepts cc...but for some reason this cannot transfer to online sales??? Why?
    Paypal doesn't work for her, we are looking at
    has any one had any experience with them? We don't like the looks of the sites they have.
    Any one ever used
    Are there other ways of using cc that i have overlooked that don't cost a fortune?
    Any help or links would be helpful.
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    A good shopping cart should be configurable to allow the CC info to be sent via email or saved on the server. Then the merchant can retrieve it and process the charge off line.

    I know the Dansie cart can be set to do this.
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