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    First of all, I'd like to wish everyone the best throughout the holidays :P

    Ok, now on to business. What product/service combinations do you guys use to back your ecommerce sites? I'm in the process of setting up an ecommerce site that needs to be able to process international sales. The site will be based in the US. Personally I'm planning on using miva merchant 3 for the cart system (will be tweaking the output with some php programming), I'm looking into the verisign commerce site pro for digital certificate and payment processing, and I'm considering Cardservice International for the merchant account.

    I've heard some negative comments about cardservice's customer service in other threads, so I am in no way sold on them at the moment, but I do know that miva merchant 3 + verisign payment processing + cardservice merchant account = compatible.

    So back to the question at hand, what cart/payment processing/merchant account combo's have you guys found to be the best?

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    I am in the process of setting up an ecommerce too and plan to use DellHost, Mercantec SoftCart, and I haven't decided on the merchant account yet. But I can tell you from a previous experience that I do NOT recommend CardService Int'l.

    They were real quick to tell me that it would only cost 59.95/mo but after all the processing/service fees it was near 90.00/mo - without any transactions. They also ask that you setup an average amount of your transactions and you need to be careful. We setup at 250.00 for our average and then started selling computers so when we sold our first system via credit card for around 1400.00 they tried to hold our funds for 90 days.

    Hope this helps but I would like to hear who everyone else is using out there too!

    Donna French


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