*whipes dust of SPF seat*

Long time, again, but now I am here with a question or three. Our project group has been developing a site for anuniversity assignment. I was responsible for the XHTML/CSS design -- only the template though, not content pages.

The site is located at http://hhs.mm2c.com/ -- You can see two screenshots here and here, the latter showing all of them I know. The red/orange lining indencates what's wrong.

I don't have a lot of time to get into this myself and Google didn't give me any real answers (simple because I have no idea what could cause this), so I came to SPF. If someone, who has easy access to a Mac or knows what quirks in IE5/Mac could help and try to pin-point where it's going wrong, I'd appreciate it a lot.

Incorrect height for styled A tag (Screenshots 01 + 02)
The first bug is in my usage of LIR. The same effect can be seen in the three images in Screenshot #01.

Missing BLOCKQUOTE (Screenshots 01 + 02)
A blockquote is used for the interview at the right bar. Apparentely, it completely vanished.

Text vanished from H1 (Screenshot 02)
Same as above. A fixed height is defined here, but IE5/Mac hates it.

Blargh, thanks in advance