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    Penalties for purchasing counterfit software?


    Is anyone aware of any news articles focusing on end user penalties for purchasing counterfeit software? (forcing the software to be removed or "repurchased" would be enough)

    I'm not looking for articles about the counterfeiter being caught or punished, but for articles describing what happened to the end user after the piracy was discovered by the real publisher or SPA type organization. I am also not talking about straight copying piracy, file sharing, or copying legitimately purchased software, but where the end user paid money to a counterfeit publisher or distributer and may or may not have known that they were buying a counterfeit.

    I'm not having much luck teasing this out of google, although I am aware that someone will probably post a stupidly obvious search term with just what I want as the first result.


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    BTW, I searched Google for "Legal Implications of Software Piracy"

    Should note I didn't read the whole article but there were also a lot of other articles out there w/ the same type of info.


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