I noticed that there is a thread about 'How do you charge for shipping' here but I didn't want to stray off topic and discuss a specific shipping module there, so here's a new thread.

I'm looking to create a php function that I can add to an eComm site that will query the Canada Post shipping module API. I'm still in the info gathering phase and am just getting into the code/hacking phase. I am wondering if anyone else has experience with this particular shipping module.

It will take a request in XML and return either XML or HTML. My preference would be to transmit & receive XML, then use XSL to format the results.

From what I've seen it is quite flexible in that you can provide about half a dozen different shipping services for speed or economy. In this job I think we will only use regular and i should be able to use my XSL to filter for that rate only.

Any thoughts or experience with this module?