Hello, I need some help here with javascript and form.

My question is I need to parse back some data from a pop up page to the calling page form field. Anyway I can do this?

Here is the sample code of what I am doing.

This is the calling page which will pop up a new window:
<SCRIPT language=Javascript>
function PopUp() {
W = window.open('data.php', "WinA", "location=no,scrollbars=yes");
<form name='IPP' method='post' action='<? echo($PHP_SELF) ?>'>
<input class='Gen' type='text' name='name' size='30'>
<a href='javascript:PopUp()' class='get'>Get Data</a>

And the data.php will list all data with link eg. aaa, bbb, ccc.

So, what javasript code should I add to data.php when I click on aaa, it will pass back aaa to the calling page form IPP.name.value?