oct 20th 2003

Script to submit a form : How to prevent browsers to pop up e-mail privacy warnings

A very basic form is employed : <form name=formulario action="mailto:ron_wolpa@hotmail.com"
method=post enctype="text/plain"> form contents ......</form>;
(I donīt domine cgi- bin nor php , and even I if did it some servers where I host my files do not support both ,
thatīs the reason action is a simple mailto: )

It works fine but as visitor press button "SUBMIT" , the browser pops up a privacy warning
screen notifying visitor that his email will be disclosed ;
a 2nd pop up demands another click confirmation to send the information collected by the form ;

What I have in mind is a script to do the following :

1- to submit the form just by clicking submit button once

2- as visitor press on submit button , will be directed to another html document where will receive the usual
thanks and the confirmation message ; I find it necessary because as the basic form is above the message
is sent and the form fields are not cleared , not giving the visitor any confirmation ;

Thank you in advance for any hint.