If you view the site: www.bluevolume.com/dallasent in IE5, all the horizontal navigation links are bunched together with no seperation. I was advised to use a modified version of the "Clagnut CSS Tabs" (http://css.maxdesign.com.au/listamatic/horizontal10.htm) method on the site. I used this method here: www.bluevolume.com/dallasent/index2.htm. It looks good on IE5, the only problem is there is too much space on the left side of the first link (the extra space is only visible in IE5).

I also implimented the same method on http://www.studentsagainstterrorism.org/ and it seems to work great on IE5 with no extra space to the left.

Why is there a difference between the two, and any ideas on how to fix it? Could this possibly be due to the different positioning methods I used?

(the CSS for the new method is contained in the HTML of index2.htm)