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    highlighted text and BBcode style


    I have a form to add some information . this form is inside PHP for lope so the textbox and textarea takes an array naming .. what I need is a BBcode style button and color contral .. I did it but I have some problems :

    1- I can't change the highlighted text color .. also I can't use any button to do this with highlighted text .. I have to pick a color this it will appers in the textarea like this [*color=FFFFFF]text[/color*] (without * ) .. but what I need is the 2 ways:
    - change highlighted text color ..... etc .
    - put the color tag when I picked it without any text highlighted..

    so any one can help me ..

    2- I couldn't pass the array varibale to a JS function so I stop using the functions to call ( Bold , I , Image .. etc ) and I use the direct words ( document.form[0].element[0].value= ..... ) somthing like that .. so I need help to pass array varibale between PHP and JS function ..
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    #1 doesn't seem, though I'm finding it hard to parse your intentions, to be related to clientside code.

    #2: I'm sorry, what ?

    I guess in both cases I'm asking if you could rephrase it slightly so that I can help.
    I have little or no knowledge of BBcode and "colour central", but I'm sure that shouldn't be a problem if the issue is laid out in basic clientside and server side functionality and existing code issues.

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