Hello. I'm buiding a site that allows registered members to sell/trade their used vinyl(lps, 12", etc.). Can someone help me with the logic I'm going about to acheive this and let me konw if I'm in the right direction? I hope someone can understand what I'm attempting to do.

1. User browses through record listing that is compiled from all the members and adds selected records to cart.

2. The shopping cart is setup with the basic info for the records (record name, artist, etc.) as well as the members_id for each record in the cart.

3. When user proceeds to "checkout", they are presented with a summary of which records are bought from each member with the contact info for each member.

What I'm having problems with is step #3. What is the best way to have a repeat region nested inside a repeat cart region? I've been attempting to filter the records in the cart by the member_id for each record, but can not get it to work. Has anyone ever worked on something similiar or can anyone offer any suggestions? If this sounds unclear to anyone, please let me know and I'll try to clarify it.

I suppose that I should state that I am using Dreamweaver MX extensions for the basic code, but then modifying it to fit my needs.