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    Just started using stylesheets, and my clients are still a bit hesitant.
    My current problem is that the IE browser control to make fonts larger / smaller in IE 4.5 / 4.01 won't respond to the text that I have in styles. It just stays at the same font.
    Is this a CSS problem or a browser problem? (probably CSS).

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    It is a problem with how you have your CSS styles set up. The browser is most likely acting the way it is supposed to.

    My guess is your font size attributes are set to either pixels or points. i.e. font-size:12pt;. When you set it up this way it prevents the browser from resize the font. The browser doesn't know if 12 point is small, medium or large. This means that it doesn't know how to resize the text.

    You should use relative values like em or percent. i.e. font-size:1em;. This will allow the Browser to resize the font because it knows that it should size the fonts at 100% of its current default and it knows whether that is small medium or large.

    When I use style sheets, I usually use a style similar to this for the Body...
    body { font-size:1em;}
    Then for other classes I use percentages of that 1em. Headers are over 100% and smaller text is under.
    Wayne Luke


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