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    my opinion

    Your website has too much text and they aren't bold are colored... it's too flat.
    I ve a site offering a free toolbar you can review mine and send me any comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparkie
    I'd like to hear your comments on a new service that my husband and I are offering - custom toolbars for your website, just like the kind that Yahoo, eBay and Google offer.

    I'm really not looking for too many comments on the design, but rather the content. Specifically, I'm interested in knowing:
    • Does what I wrote make you interested in learning more about a custom toolbar, or purchasing one?
    • Have I left out anything that you'd like to see added? (things which would then pursuade you to perhaps buy a custom toolbar)
    • Is the Features/Comparison page compelling enough? Or would you like to see more comparisons?
    • Anything else design or content-wise that I've overlooked?

    Thank you for your comments and help. They are much appreciated!


    Things i LIked:

    1) The service is very interesting
    2) you used MOSTLY CSS!

    Things you should work on:

    1) a new header (or just a clearer one, because it seems a little blurry when im viewing it)

    2) WAY to much text on the main page
    -- no one wants to sift through all that text. Maybe have more links so people don't have to look through all that text, but instead can view it if they want my navigating to a different page.

    3) Better navigation which will also get rid of the 2nd problem that i posted.

    4) Maybe a more intrigueing/interesting design that keeps people "glued" to the site

    - This will incorporate a better navigation scheme that removes most of the text on the main page, and divides it up into seperate pages; and the better navigation with make the site a little less confusing.

    5) Use a little more colors......

    Good luck (i hope i wasn't to harsh, but I hope it helps you!)


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