Does anybody have any advice on keeping a consistent look and feel when dealing with multiple technologies?

For instance, I have an ASP page designed in Dreamweaver Ultradev. Some pages are connected to an access database. The index is connected to an access database so that users can set the index of the web site based on their preferences.

I also have online polls and a guestbook which I have developed using XML. I also have a community forum based on Twiki so that users can post comments and files on multiple threads like on Sitepoint here. This is used primarily for in-house collaboration.

The problem is that there are a variety of technologies that are being used. VBScript, JavaScript, Perl, CGI, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSLT, CSS, ODBC, etc. It is very difficult to maintain a consistent look and feel using all these technologies.

Most of the pages on this web site are generated dynamically. Since multiple technologies are being used, the background image, page and rendering styles must be generated in a variety of ways. Perl, ASP, XML, and XSLT are used to generate the pages. No single page is static, each page has all or some portion of it rendered at the time the user requests it. This means trying to parse XML with Perl, JavaScript, VBScript (for ASP) and XSL which is very inconsistent.

Does anybody have any advice?

Thanks in advance.
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