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    frontpage question

    I want to change the border color of a thumbnail picture i have made on a page, the default color it gives is a orange border.. I checked the code but there is nothing... is there code or is there a feature in the frontpage program?? thanks.

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    Set the properties for a thumbnail
    Setting the properties of thumbnails applies to thumbnails that you will create using Auto Thumbnail, not to thumbnails you have already created.

    On the Tools menu, click Page Options, and then click the Auto Thumbnail tab.
    Do one or more of the following:
    In the Set list, click the option you want to use for specifying a size, then in the Pixels box, enter the value in pixels.
    Select Border thickness o specify a border, and then in the Pixels box, enter the value in pixels.
    Click the Beveled edge check box if you want the graphic to be beveled.
    If you have also specified a border thickness, the thumbnail will have a beveled edge inside of a border.
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