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    Making money from ebooks?

    Has anybody done this with any degree of success? I've seen something that was shocking and I'm contemplating writing something. I know of somebody making 10k per week selling fairly generic (but their own) motivational start your own business information.
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    I cant beleive so many people buy the e-books, I think the way to do it is to write a book telling people how to write books to write books to sell ebooks. They seem to sell like hotcakes for some reason!!

    A lot you can buy and resell for free, not sure how you compete but you can, i have loads of ebooks i have picked up for free over time and most give me the resell rights to sell for $10-$90, maybe i should whack them all on a site and see what happens
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    Here's How To Make Money With eBooks....

    As long as you a) see evidence of demand for your subject area (get
    a read on demand by looking at Google, Overture keyword suggestion
    tools,, Amazon's rankings, etc...) AND b) you can
    reach your target audience over the internet - then yes, go for it.

    There are ways you can test the waters first - such as developing a
    5-20 page Special Report on your topic of interest and offer it for
    lower price or for free to guage demand. You can also run surveys,
    write articles for related ezines/newsletters and I definitely recommend
    speaking with several potential JV partners that you would expect would
    be interested in offering our eBook to their lists/visitors - they will tell
    you if you have a good idea or not.

    As for making money with eBooks - many people do - some obviously
    much more than others. I've made tens of thousands with one single
    eBook. Other recommendations are to format your product into anything
    OTHER than an eBook - put it into a course, workshop, teleseminar,
    "How To" video, etc... You'll get more money, better margins and will be able
    to better differentiate yourself.


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