I have a problem including externally generated search result pages in a completely dynamicly build JS page.

The page consists of blocks of links which can be opened/closed by the user (settings are stored in a cookie). I include an external piece of JS using a simple contruct like:
HTML Code:
<script src="http://startpagina.elprincipio.net/mkstat/esp/espotxml.php?keyword=internet&page=1" language="JavaScript"></script>
What I'd like to do is to make a link to the next (and previous) pages by changing the page parameter (page=2, page=3 etc.) I cannot figure out how to access and change (using JS) the src attribute of the script tag in the current document.

Some ideas ?

The complete page I am working on is now online at http://startpagina.elprincipio.net/s...ndex_test.html

Matthijs Kadijk