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    The Solution to no IE Plugins?

    First off, I apologize if I'm placing this in the wrong forum, but I figured it'd fit best here.

    As I understand it, no plugins is a BIG Thing. But I've not once felt that it's a BAD Thing.

    I've seen many sites with the option of viewing a plain vanilla (html/css only) and a full blown fancy chocolate (flash and the like) and I doubt that'll change too much.
    But without posting "If you want to view Flash download mozilla/opera/netscape/whatever" there's no other way to provide even a simple flash button. And if those browser creators get sued, then what?

    Personally I'm preparing to take the leap into full time web development. While this suit isn't affecting my decision either way, what I'm planning to specialize in, will be. I'm really looking forward to using mx2k4 to produce some very interesting sites. I think the professional edition of flash has some awesome potential.

    So what's an inspired guy to do?

    Well... Here's my idea... php has the ability to create pdfs. How far of a stretch would it be to allow php to support displaying them as well? Why not talk with that group about the ability to produce the same effect as a plug in, but fully through the use of server side scripting? I doubt it would take any more than a few lines of code, the client can still do all the work, server just says "put flash movie here" and then there's no plugins anywhere. Not on ANY browser. All one has to do is install php onto the server, which is free anyhow. Then Eolas can't sue anyone else, Microsoft doesn't win or lose, and neither does anyone else who makes a web browser.
    Perhaps that gives php a bit of a monopoly but nothing would stop other server technologies from following suit.

    What sayeth thou oh sitepoint guru's?

    P.S. Can I patent that idea? (...seriously )

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    I say the browser needs a plugin to display pdf's as well. It doesn't matter a damn if they're files or dynamically generated. The browser still has to download them and find some way to display them.

    If you want to create accessible pages then you must use nothing more than even the most basic browser supports. Which is HTML.


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