I started this thread earlier in another section but felt it might be better suited for here. Allow me to lay the groundwork to describe my situation:

I am going to open a Tennessee Titans fan site called "goTitans.com". I will basically treat it like a magazine in that it will have news, features, etc. I know espn and other sports magazine-type sites do use NFL logos under "fair use" so there is no infringement issues. But is this the case with a fan site? If not, why isn't it?

Second, most fan sites do use the team's logo. I've heard it's acceptable if you don't sell advertising space. Many do it anyway. Is there anything short of a team of lawyers to find out such things? Clearly, espn.com sells advertising when it reports a story on the Titans and uses a Titans' logo.

I'm just hoping to avoid problems in the future. Thanks for any help in advance.