I'm working on a site for a client located at www.bluevolume.com/dallasent. When I pull up the page on IE5, two main problems occur:

The first problem is that the header image replacement method I used does not work (you only see the text, no image). The odd thing about this is that I used the same method on my site (www.bluevolume.com) and it seems to work fine in IE 5. If I need to use a different method, would the technique in this article work: http://www.sitepoint.com/article/1221/ ? If so, how do I make it work without using the h1 tag (because I'm using it for something else)?

The second problem is the inline list that I used for the navigation bar. I know that inline lists don't work in IE 5, but is there some way around this? like could I make separations in between links that would not be visible in browsers that show the lists properly?

Thanks in advance!