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    BrowserCam - Which browsers are the same?

    This is my first time delving into Browser Cam (, and I'm loving it.

    However, to help me work more efficiently (and save some cash), I'm trying to figure out which browsers (across versions and platforms) are essentially the same. Eventually I'd be able to puzzle it out by looking at how they break, but this gives me some context going in. Not to metnion that this'll be a great resource for other Browser Cam first-timers.

    Here are the browser and operating system combinations Browser Cam uses.

    What I'm trying to answer are questions like this:
    1) What are the significant rendering differences between IE 5.0 and 5.5 in Windows 2000/XP?
    2) Which versions of Mozilla and Netscape are essentially the same (using the same versions of Gecko)?
    3) Does Mozilla 1.3 have any significant differences between Linux, Mac X, and Win 2000/XP?

    I know there are a ton of press releases and FAQs out there that answer these questions, but I'm trying to centralize them. Here are some pieces to the puzzle that I've already found:
    - I know Gecko has been used in Netscape since version 6. Is this actually the case?
    - Browsers that use a version of Gecko.
    - Moz 1.0 and Netscape 7.0 should be the same; same for Moz 1.4 and NS 7.1. However, Moz 1.1-1.3 are more advanced than NS 7.0x.

    Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with the differences in Windows IE. I'm most concerned about this since Mozilla/NS/Gecko, verison for version, should be virtually identical across platforms.

    Let the brain-picking begin.
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    Netscape 6 = Mozilla 0.9.4
    Netscape 7 = Mozilla 1.0
    Netscape 7.1 = Mozilla 1.4

    And for the most part, Gecko browsers render identically across platforms from what I've seen. There seem to be no major differences between Windows, OSX, and Linux.


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