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    As a newbie to ASP, I have emerced myself in a couple books. The Sam's 24hr (I don't recommend) has me put a header at the begining of each script in a page.
    Option Explicit
    Response.Expires = 0
    The option explicit is supposed to force the IIS to check for variable declaration. It decreases performance so Sam says to take it out after testing. The response is supposed to keep my page from cacheing, but doesn't really go into any detail as for why this good. I would think that this would also decrease performance and create headaches down the road.

    These practices aren't mentioned as far as I know in the other book. Are they standard? Are they a good or bad idea?
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    I don't know much about the response.expires, but I do know that the option explicit will degrade performance slightly and should be used mostly in testing. It just makes sure you've dimmed all of your variables, which will INCREASE speed because it is slower to create variables on the fly. Once you get a clean run, it's a good idea to comment out the option explicit if not in testing mode....
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