I want to make a form that will ensure that all fields have a keyword. So, for example there will be a text area where the user must insert a keyword:

[ Keyword ]

Then there will be some other fields:

[ Title ]
[ Description ]
[ Keyword, Keyword, Keyword ]

Content Paragraph One

Content Paragraph Two

Content Paragraph Three

] <- This one is a text area

When the user hits the ssubmit button, the form should check that the keyword is in the title once, the keywords
3 times, the description three times and the content 6 times. If it is not present, the form will take them back and say that X feild is lacking Y amount of kwywords.

What is the best way to do this? Is there anyone that knows how to do this, because I don't know how. Javascript?

Is there anyone that would code this for me? In return I will make you a search engine friendly template, that is cross browser friendly and fast loading. Or I will optimise your current index page for you. I have 18 months commercial experience doing this, where I was recently employed full time on location. ..but I don't know enough javascript to make this.