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Thread: Window pop ups

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    There seems to be an increasing use of this for advertising and other purposes. I find these intrusive and a pain and in fact close and then leave the site probably never to return.

    Is it possible to program your browser so that it ignores the pages request to open a new browser page?

    Anyone else have thoughts on this and why webmasters are using them more and more when most people I have spoken with detest them. Aren't they afraid that with so many other sites out there that they will lose the viewer. They sure lose me and my wife detests them even more. From discussions she has had women hate them with a passion more than men.

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    IE and Navigator do not include this functionality. Neoplanet does include it as well as a couple of other niche browsers.

    Popups are being used for a lot more than advertising these days though. Some of the functionality here at the SitePoint Community forums is implemented in Popups because it is not only the easiest way to present the functionality but it makes the most sense in ease of use for the end-user.
    Wayne Luke


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