We get caught up in the online thing sometimes and forget traditional marketing. If you try this technique please be sure to tell me how well it worked for you and it may end up in my newsletter.
Anyway, I need traffic for my website so today my sister is coming over and we're going to have some flyers made announcing a freebie that we're giving away locally, a free download for the citizens of my city. This movie script download is tagged with a few affiliate offers and an offer for one of my digital products. I'm going to take the flyers to every single business I can and ask them to post the flyer where their employees can see it and get the free download. Some businesses like Wal-mart, K-mart, and the big chains have hundreds of employees so one freebie will go a lot farther than just posting it on a car windshield. A thousand flyers may net 10-20 thousand people in a month's time to your website.
Also the offer is a timed offer so that they have to reply immediately. I talk about this project on my home page and to gain more traffic to my site and my newsletter I've tied the offer with a way of gaining subscribers. Everyone who joins my newsletter get's the hard data on this experiment when it's finished. They'll get to see my before and after logfile report. Another thing is that I'll be looking for businesses that will let me place the flyer on their counterspace so that customers can pick it up if they're interested. This way I get a higher targeted audience automatically.
Hope you find this tip helpful this holiday season! Ken D. Webber