somewhere in my code i have
<div class="sidebar">
	<h3 class="sidehead">Members Area</h3>
	<div class="members">
		<h4>Sign In...</h4>
	<br />	<input type="text" />
	<br />	Password:
	<br />	<input type="password" />
	<br />	<a class="dark" href="signup.htm">Sign up</a> now and enjoy privileges!
		<a class="dark" href="signup.htm">Find out more...</a>

	<div class="menu">
	<!-- original design/concept -->
		<ul class="nav">
		<li class="nav"><a class="box" href="index.htm">Home of DigiOne</a></li>
		<li class="nav"><a class="box" href="">Products List</a></li>
		<li class="nav"><a class="box" href="">Accessories</a></li>
		<li class="nav"><a class="box" href="services.htm">Our Services</a></li>
		<li class="nav"><a class="box" href="contact.htm">Contact Us</a></li>
		<li class="nav"><a class="box" href="about.htm">About Us</a></li>
and the relevant CSS for the above is
	{ float:left
	; width:160px
	; margin:10px 0px 0px 10px
		{ padding:0px 4px
		; border-width:2px 2px 0px 2px
		; border-style:solid
		; border-color:#000099
		; color:#ffffff
		; background-color:#000099
		{ color:#000000
		; background-color:#ffffff
		; border:2px solid #000099
		; padding:4px
		{ background-color:#ffffff
		; padding:0
		; margin-top:8px
			{ margin:0 ; padding:0
			; list-style:none
				{ width:100%
				; list-style:none
				; float:left
				; border-top:2px solid #ccccff
				; margin:0
However, when i view the 'side bar' in IE, the { margin-left } seems to have doubled.

Anybody has any remedies?

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PS this is for educational purposes(sch project). I understand that there is a real "DigiOne" and project discussion is pending...