Hi all.

How can i go about splitting results into individual vars, as supposed to putting them into an array for use in a while loop ?

This is my problem. http://www.hiphopmusic.co.uk/armeggedon/table.html

I have a mysql table for the entries like this :

ID, name1, name2, round

theres more, but lets just leave it at that). This, for example, would be used as name1 vs name2. 'Round' says whether it's first, quarters, semis etc

Now, how can i get the results and use them as links in that table. What I mean by this is do a query, then all of the entries in that html table where it says "1 vs 2" are filled in from the DB.

I'm not sure if I've made myself totally clear, but please help if you can. It will save me a lot of time !