Hey, guys!
I'd highly appreciate if you could help me sort out this problem. The site I'm working on has a top horizontal menu, actually very simple with simple javascript rules for rollovers, i.e. the navigation tabs must change their background color and text color on mouseover/mouseout events, which they do. But the problem is in the following. I use transparent gifs to round the corners of the cells that are navigation tabs, but each time I move the mouse over or out any of the tabs the gifs start reloading and make irritating gaps thus making the tabs with normal corners, not rounded. I've checked this on a few different computers with different OS installed, it appeared that on some of them (mostly Windows XP and 98) this is not a problem and reloading takes place unnoticed for a human eye, i.e. very quick, so the corners remain rounded. But on my pc with Windows 2000 installed it's a real pain in the neck. The page looks ugly on every event takes place. Could this be due to some glitches in win 2000 or is this something else that causes this problem? BTW, the project was viewed both in Netscape 6 and IE 6 on all the above mentioned machines.
Please help me, I'm already banning my head against the wall.
P.S. Never mind the cyrillics.

Thank you all