OK, I'm to the point in my site redesign where I'd really appreciate some feedback.

I've created a tableless 2-column layout with CSS and XHTML 1.0 Strict. I've also created a menu/submenu system that allows me to create just one lo--ooong list of main menu and submenu items in which all of the submenu items are hidden by default, then load separate CSS files that unhide the submenu items that are appropriate to each main menu page.

The new layout and menus work great for me in IE6, but I'm new to CSS/XHTML, so I'd really appreciate finding out if anyone here sees anything wrong with my menus in their browser, before I go to all the trouble to convert all of my pages to this new layout.

The URL is

The only two buttons that work the way I want them to so far are the CB Guides and Reviews buttons. Don't click on any of the other buttons, because they're all waiting for me to create submenus for them, if no one sees any problems with the way the first two buttons are working.