I have a div with a background image - the relevant CSS is:

#content2 {
background: #e9e9e9 url(images/bgwatermark.gif) top left fixed no-repeat;
color: #393939;

Now for some reason, the background image isn't lining up with the top left in Safari. In IE6/WIN, it works. In Camino for Mac, nothing shows up at all - same with IEMac. Whaaat the hell? Is there a problem with the background image being in a defined div? I can't find anything on compatibility issues, and like I said, it displays right in IE6/WIN which is a miracle of itself.

To see the file in action you can go to http://www.classicmemories.net/testindex.php
The stylesheet is saved in the same directory as stylesheet.css

Can anyone please look at this and tell me if they see something specifically screwing up?