Hi all,
I am trying my first CSS layout and have (not suprisingly) run into some problems. unfortunately I have a client attached to this so I don't have as much time to experiment as I would like.

firstly, this is the page in it's current form >> http://diigital.com/css/
..and the CSS file >> http://diigital.com/css/eppscreen.css

Basically I have:
- a fixed pixel width top DIV (for the bitmap graphics)
- a fixed pixel width second div, similar to the first.
- a fixed width nav bar, floating on the left
- another div, between the nav and the content to space them out, floating left**
- the main content DIV.

**The reason I added the gap DIV between the main ones was that netscape (7) seemed to ignore the padding options for the the main div. And also because I will need to have a seperate background image to the top right.

Okay, the design works (in IE and Opera anyway) when the main content is less than 100% screen height.
However when the content extends (as you see on the page) the gap div remains at the original 100% screen height, and stops half way down.

In IE the green nav bar correctly continues to grow with the content, but in NS neither nav, nor gap DIVS will stretch.

I really need those DIVs to be 100% of the content height.

I apologize if this has been brought up before, I did search but as I said am quite short on time.

Thanks for any help.