When I come to creating a design I always seem to draw a blank. I play around in dreamweaver with some tables and see what I can come up with. How do you go about creating a site, do you create layouts in any other apps ?. I don't like a lot of stuff i come up with but I don't know weahter it is just me or that fact that they are bad.Designs usally look bad at the start maybe I should just stick with and and keep changing it untill i get what I get. If I don't like the way it is looking continue making it and improve it instead of keep dumping stuff and starting again what you lot think ? Any tips on how to improve? Should I become better at my graphic skills ? I have people see my work and they like it but I don't know weather they are just saying that or not just to make me happy. My current URL is http://www.markshiel.com this was made for the purpuse of learning flash It was my first flash site , could of been better but iI was busy with other things didn't have much time to work on it.