I thought I'd be a good little boy and make sure a new site is 'perfect' in all three main browsers, the trouble is I can't afford to lose much more hair.

I'm specifying a table height, thus -

<tr><td width="100%" height="1"></td></tr>

It's just a little table inbetween two main ones.
It aligns in Explorer. It doesn't in Opera or Netscape.

The absolute bizarre thing is that if I change the height to 10 or 100 it aligns in Opera and Netscape, but if you input a number below 10 it doesn't work!
I thought, hang on, maybe it only works with 'whole' numbers (divisible by 10 for some strange reason) but I tried 76 and that works too.

Opera and Netscape seem to default at 10 and refuse to go any lower.

Is this really the case?
What's a way out of it?