Quick poll: Is the new Microsoft .NET platform/framework a revolution, hype, or just one more facet in ever more complex development environment?

In a recent article at O'Reily's site ( http://java.oreilly.com/news/farley_0800.html ), Jim Farley takes a look at what .NET is and how it compares to the JAVA platform. I found it informative and unbiased; I would encourage everyone to read it.

IMHO, I think .NET will be a revolution in the Microsoft development world. Furthermore, I think it is going to a real threat to the non-windows world in that Microsoft is willing to support Linux, Perl, and other non-windows based programming languages and platforms. This conceivable ability to work with everyone and everything on not only the client-side, but also on the development side could enable .NET to become the defacto development platform.

What do you think?