I can't get my CSS background image to appear onthe web page when I upload:

Here's what I did:

Created nav bar image in graphics software (in my case FW)
Created table on site with the same dimensions as the image
Created new CSS style using the image as the background and inserted into the table.

Should now have nav bar on the site (set as a bkgd) in which you can now create your CSS nav links, or image rollovers.

Nav bar appears in preview mode (DW) but not when I upload CSS sheet, image and web page.

Here's the page with blank navbar


With nav bar (how I want it):


Code I am using in style sheet:

.menubg { background-image: url(images/menubg.gif); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: 140px 420px}

Where am I going wrong?

PS I will be using CSS navbar links once bkgd image is positioned correctly.