Something I thought I'd throw in the air and see where I come up.

I currently have three divs one that contains this entire 'cell' one that contains an image that is floated to the left, of the container div, and a div for content, which is also inside of the container div. The content itself is comprised of a list. I'm trying to keep the list inline as long as the entire content can fit on that line within the contaiing div, if not next line.
|image|list1andits value list2 and its |
|image|list3 with it's long value so	|
|image|list 4 should lie right here	  |
list 5 and it's contents here list 6 here|
list 7 etc etc etc 
^ best I could do at 2 am

I keep running into problems,either the list having line breaks in odd places, the content not wrapping the image well, or the list having it's text cut off and going to the next line. Anyone have any ideas on how I could accomplish this? I'd like to keep it as a list as structurally it is a list. But I'm wanting to try and format it (and marker it) as a paragraph so to speak. Any ideas would be most welcomed.