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    the problem =

    ok, whois use a simple html text input name 'query', quich one put the ip address on. it has it method as POST, but it can also be reached by GET.

    ok, i made a php script in my site that will open this site in a new window (using target="_blank") (whois) with the ip in the querry,


    but this shows me an error message:

    Due to the excessive load placed on our system, we have disabled the ability for third party sites to query the GeekTools Whois Proxy through the web interface. Please visit the GeekTools query page at to perform your query. You may also use a standard whois client and direct your queries to

    but it doesn't do this when i open a new ie window right from my desktop and open that url.

    allright, all this tells me that $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] is a *beep*

    now, how can i fix this? via javascript? how? thanks

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    You could send HTTP headers to fool the script into thinking you're coming from a different referring URL but that's cheating and probably illegal. Your best bet would be to find out what you need to do and use


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