Honestly: I have trouble understanding it. The problem basically started when I picked up a SAMSnet Publishing book on Java 2 (Teach Yourself Java 2 in 21 Days). I read through parts of it, and was doing okay - however early on (the 2nd section of the book, I believe), it talked of OOP.

I did my best to understand these classess and such, but I just cannot get it. And seeing as how many languages make use of OOP, I know I need to learn it. The closest I've come is finally getting the hang of functions (yes, pathetic: I know! ).

I'd be very grateful if someone could put it into English for me, either here or through email would be fabulous. Just the basics, examples, etc. A link to an outside tutorial would be great as well, however I've seen several and I've had trouble with those as well. I think something more personal and direct might help.

I'd me more than willing to give someone some button impressions on MyCoding.com (yes, I'm still working on it) if they can help me out.

Thanks very much.