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    I am creating a new online application that allows for a new recipe to be listed daily, and food to be listed daily. Curious if it would be a good idea to create it into a download (exe) file that could be gotten from the site and placed on a users computer to check the daily recipe and food. Also allows user to submit their own recipes and get credit in the listing. Also looking for any other ideas that users may have to help create the small application that would be give to all the major download sites as freeware.... thoughts on the idea ? Good marketing idea ?

    Thanks !
    URL: (requires Flash 5).
    Shawn Ryder
    Auto University Vice President

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    Here is a easy way to build something like that app

    1. Create an index.html containing a frame round your site or chosen page, or even to a script on your site

    2. Compile into an e-book. If using our compiler (, you need to set the option - automatically open Internet links in a new window in the Edit/User Interface dialog to OFF.

    3. You now have a Windows EXE program.

    As to the download sites - it depends on this site
    - some do list e-books and this kind of thing
    - some don't
    - some do list them subject to flexible criteria, in which case it would depend on whether there was value to your download.



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