I am working on a site which is a front-end to a pupil management database. At various points, it is necessary to have the user select the pupil they want to view. I do this using a <SELECT> form element, with all the pupils being presentedin alphabetical order.

I have been asked by some users to provide a search facility. What I'd like to do, it to put a button next to the form element which, when cliscked, causes a pop-up window to appear. This window should take a search item (a name, part of a name and preferably give wildcard options) and then close itself leaving the found item as the current selection in the <SELECT> box. Obviously, it also needs to be able to cope with empty or multiple result lists appropriately.

Does anyone know of such a piece of code being already available? Or am I going to have to write my own, in which case can anyone offer me some suggestions on where to start?

As always, Many many thanks in advance.