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    Question would this make e-mail address spamproof?

    I'm trying to devise a method for making my e-mail address spam proof without alienating people who either do not have JavaScript enabled, or are using a brower that does not support JavaScript:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var linktext = "Report Broken Link";
    var subject = "Broken& #32;Link";
     var email1 = "webmaster";
     var email2 = "";
     document.write("<a href="+"mailto:"+email1+"@"+email2+"?subject="+subject+">"+linktext+"</a>")
    Please report broken links by sending an e-mail to: webmaster& #64;fictitiousdomain& #46;com
    (spaces within character entities are intentional, 
    to prevent them being converted to the values they represent.)
    Would this method work, or is a SPAMBOT liable to detect the webmaster& #64;fictitiousdomain& #46;com, even though it is not hyperlinked?

    Thanks for any advice you may have,
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