I know that a few Standard Internet employees check this board regularly and, seeing as there message board does not process new registrations, I have decided to address them here.

I have been examining affiliate programs and CPM advertising networks for a while in anticipation of my site launch in early January. Of all of the programs I have examined, Standard Internet's seem the most puzzling. While some people extol the virtues of their programs in multiple forums and report receiving payments in a timely manner, others claim to have sent many clicks to their sites and never receiving a single check. The consensus seems to be that they violated the terms of service in some way, but were never notified of this fact by Standard Internet and were allowed to continue sending people to SI's sites through their affiliate programs.

It seems that SI is profiting from these clickthroughs and continuing to receive them without notifying the webmasters that they are in violation of the ToS or asking that they change their links accordingly. Their business plan might even require these unpaid clicks in order to compensate their other affiliates. If this is the case, I will have a significant risk of not being paid as I will likely offer a large volume of traffic to their network.

As such, I was wondering whether SI would be willing to review their affiliate links on a webmaster's site on request, and certify that they are not in violation of the terms of service prior to that version of the site going live. THe webmaster would be responsible for notifying SI of any changes to the links in the future so that it could be certified again. This would offer the webmaster an assurance that he will be compensated for the traffic he sends them while allowing SI to verify that the site complies with their terms and conditions.

I also have two specific questions about the AllClicks ToS:

"You may not open the Allclicks.com URL in a new browser window, unless your site is built with frames. If that's the case you must open Allclicks.com in a new fullsized window. Also, you may not open our links inside of frames, ever."

Does the AllClicks URL have to be opened in a new browser window or can the target=_top or target=_parent tags be used to ensure that the CHTF site does not open inside a frame. This would allow the webmaster to use an AllClicks link as an "exit" or "session end" link that would allow the visitor to leave the webmaster's site without having to type anything in the address bar.

Also, the ToS states that 3rd party banner exchanges cannot be used to open the AllClicks link. However, I plan to use a banner exchange at the bottom of my site and some of my visitors will come through the exchange. If this happpens, and then one of those visitors leaves my site and an AllClicks exit window loads, am I in violation of the ToS?

Thanks in advance,

BTW, my site will be targetted at Webmasters and if I have a positive experience with your programs and see that other webmasters are similarly pleased, I may be able to bring more referrals into your programs. One other question: all of my pages are dynamically generated by CGI scripts using cookies to authenticate return visitors and creating different pages depending on the visitor. Will this present a problem (I will tell you how to find and examine all of your links, though)?