Hi Thomas! (mmj) I was wondering what happened to you! An administrator over here at sitepoint huh? Very cool.

The humor webmaster community was warned about their unauthorized use of content by me back in 2002 and then I drove my message home every day until they banned me, after the lawsuits started. What more could I do but warn them?

I actually know many of these artists for many years, greeting card cooleagues of mine, resepcted professionals who license their work and make their licensees lots of money offline. Alot was done, for years, before the artists resorted to lawsuits.

batcavenet whoever you are, whatever site has the content, from what you posted on GeekVillage you bought this content from someone else, have your attorney disclose that information, and beg for mercy. Maybe you did have reason to think you owned the content. but you seem to know about Eric's magazine work, so why would you think you owned his cartoons?

Anyway I am not a lawyer. Don't listen to me.