I`m fairly new to the world of making money online, my site is not even a year old but I am finding it difficult to find a sponsor who can actually pay out for banners at the bottom of my pages.

I`m a BurstMedia customer and pretty happy to let them dominate the top of all my pages. They pay well and I trust them.


They do not seem to have a system which works for bottom of the page banners. In fact I make no money at all from those within BurstMedia. I run the majority of my bottom banners with Sponsorships.net which does make something but the list of banners seems to shrink every month and its all per click.

I feel right now I am losing out. Approaching other companies like DoubleClick is proving difficult as I only need bottom banners and all of the big companies Ive run across seem to want to dominate top banners in the contract. That is, banners which you can see without scrolling the page.

Page views are not a problem, I have a 500 page site which gets pretty good traffic levels which are growing nicely now. So could anyone recommend a company that I could use to deliver advertising just to the bottom half of my sites pages?

Any companies that can deliver graphics/creative focused banners would be a big plus too!

Thank you in advance for any help, you guys in here never seem to fail to answer my questions, don`t fail me now guys, theres money at stake here! lol