For all those enthusiastic fans of the CBE API like myself, I have the following question.

The CBE is setup in such a way that you need to define a specific function called windowOnload() in order to initialize whatever settings you like, for instance the size, background color and position of a given element. This is picked up automatically and called by the CBE framework when your web page is loaded and ready to go. This works just fine if you need a per page initialization independent from the rest of your site.

My problem is this. I use SSI to pull in a windowOnload() function for one-time global configuration of CBE stuff generic to the whole site. For example, sliding the page title from left to right. This happens on every page and as expected works just fine.

Now I want to add a special effect or some other CBE object initialization which is unique to a given web page. If I do this using the windowOnload() function by defining it in the specific page, this particular effect works fine, but cancels the generic effect of the sliding page title. That's because the generic windowOnload() is simply lost due to the simple fact that the function is being overwritten by the local version.

My question then is this: how can I combine a generic windowOnload() function with a specific per page windowOnload() function so that both functions will be called, thereby retaining the global as well as the local CBE stuff?

You get something like this:

Page #1
windowOnload() /* SSI */
Page #2
windowOnload() /* SSI */


Do any clever CBE-folks out there have any clues?