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    Site under consideration, feedback appreciated

    I'm in the middle of launching a new site. What I'd like to know from anyone interested in sharing your thoughts, is: Would there be any interest in a Webmaster oriented site?

    The site would deal with affiliate programs, revenue making ideas, with full reviews of programs, and hosting reviews.

    There would also be the backbone of a community forum.

    The site would have to earn some revenue.

    In your opinion, is there a market for this, or is the market saturated?

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    Speaking as a developer or Webmaster myself, I would definitely be interested in such a site. No matter how many developer communities there are, not all of them can cater to every "breed" (if you will) of developer. The more there are, the better chances of a developer finding one that he or she likes.

    However, in addition to having fora, reviews, affiliate programs, and the like, you would also need tutorials and articles. The Internet is changing so fast these days that few developers can keep up on his or her own. Articles and tutorials are always useful primers and often invaluable in-depth resources to new languages, technologies, concepts, and the like.

    Making a profit is an issue, though. Because much of the Internet is still free, people have a tendency to expect free content. If, however, you were to design products such as SitePoint's Editize CMS and offer services, you wouldn't need to charge for the articles and fora.

    I wish you the best of luck in launching the new site.



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