Is it possible to someway carry two values from a drop down menu please. I need both the price(example: $79) and the product(example: "1u Cobalt Raq3/4" or "1u Cobalt Raq3/4 $79") sent to then next page.

Since there are more than one product with the same name in some menus I cant "detect" the product on page 2 based on the price.

Also...I need the javascript in the code to continue working. (it works fine now, with the a, b, c etc values) It counts the total sum to a textfield at the end.

For more info, look here please:

Example, one of the drop down menus:

	<select name="a" onchange="this.form.summa.value=parseFloat(this[this.selectedIndex].value)+parseFloat(this.form.b[this.form.b.selectedIndex].value)+parseFloat(this.form.c[this.form.c.selectedIndex].value)+parseFloat(this.form.d[this.form.d.selectedIndex].value)+parseFloat(this.form.e[this.form.e.selectedIndex].value)+parseFloat(this.form.f[this.form.f.selectedIndex].value)+parseFloat(this.form.g[this.form.g.selectedIndex].value)+parseFloat(this.form.h[this.form.h.selectedIndex].value)">
				<option value='79'>1u Cobalt Raq3/4 $79</option> 
		<option value='79'>1u Cobalt Raq550 $79</option>
		<option value='99'>1u Cobalt Xtr $99</option>
		<option value='99'>1u Server other $99</option>
		<option value='109'>2u Server other $109</option>
		<option value='139'>4u Server other $139</option>
Very thankful for help

(If it helps, the server supports PHP also)